Community Centers

We provide support and help to vulnerable groups of women and children

After a natural disaster of great magnitude, such as the earthquake in Ecuador in April 2016, it is important not only to rebuild the lost homes, but also to rebuild and strengthen the entire social fabric.sino también reconstruir y fortalecer todo el tejido social. y fortalecer todo el tejido social.soc

One of the most important aspects is working with groups of children and women, who are often the ones who suffer the most from the social impact generated by a destructive event, especially in rural and developing areas, where both children and women are groups. traditionally marginalized.

For these groups, CAEMBA has built specific infrastructure designed to provide childcare spaces and support and empowerment centers for women.Para estos grupos, CAEMBA ha construido infraestructura específica, diseñada para brindar espacios de específica, diseñada para bri