Who are we?

Fundación Raíz Ecuador – CAEMBA is a foundation dedicated to build sustainable and resilient communities in Ecuador.


About Us

A Disaster Pushed Us To Use Our Imagination

The earthquake of April 16, 2016 on the Ecuadorian coast left thousands of peasant and urban-rural families homeless and forced to seek shelter from rain, nighttime cold and insects.

Immediately after the earthquake, many Ecuadorians offered assistance in important, traditional ways such as providing temporary shelters (tents), food and medicine.  We thought that the best thing we could do was help the victims by sending prefabricated bamboo structures with lightweight roofs that reflect the heat of the sun. This is how the concept of CAEMBA, Casitas Emergentes de Bambú (Emergency Bamboo Houses) was born. 

Our initial response focused on rapid, short-term assistance. After responding to the immediate emergency, CAEMBA set out to design long-term housing solutions. The design of a new bamboo structure was developed and is adaptable to varying  environments of unsafe, precarious habitations.

The new design allows 42 square meter houses to be assembled in a single day. The houses are delivered with basic materials, and because they are well ventilated they minimize the necessity of air conditioning equipment or fans which increase  consumption of costly electricity.

Windows & Smiles

When you open the window of your heart, light enters your life bringing happiness and peace. CAEMBA’s windows bring light, health, prosperity and smiles to its inhabitants.


These smiles are what motivate us and give us energy to continue with our work.