20 women graduated in Aesthetics and Beauty in Atacames

Resilience is the characteristic that stands out of the 20 women who received the professional certificate in aesthetics and beauty. On Monday, January 18, 2021, the graduation ceremony for this course took place, held at the Women’s Entrepreneurship House in Nueva Esperanza, Atacames canton.

The City Council of Caseres, in Catalonia, Spain financed the realization of this course. The organization Paz y Desarrollo managed its execution. Both entities have permanently supported this type of initiative focused on eradicating gender violence and building capacities for women.

The future will be more prosperous and secure for them and their families, because having this certificate will make it easier to find work or start self-employment in hairdressers, beauty salons and related businesses. Caemba has the great responsibility of giving follow-up, support and strengthening so that the situation of women and their families improves. We are present to help them to continue weaving their wings and so that they can fly high.

Caemba, together with Paz y Desarrollo, has been working intensively in the Atacames and Muisne cantons to help these women continue to build a better future for themselves, their husbands and their children.

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