CAEMBA built the first three houses in 2021

The weekend of January 2 and 3, 2021 was very active for CAEMBA as three houses were built in the “Las Cañitas” sector in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood, in Atacames. This construction is part of the “Bamboo Dreams” campaign.

On January 2 a house was built for Gray Mercedes Oliva. The donor is anonymous. The same day a second house was built, in this case for Diana Jisela Chichande. The donation was made by María Belén Yépez, her family and several friends.

On the other hand, a house was built on Sunday, January 3, in the same area of ​​Las Cañitas. It was donated to Jéssica Manzaba and her family. This house was built thanks to the 1998 promotion of Colegio La Presentation. María Fernanda Buenaño managed to raise funds to donate this house. She also went with her husband Guillermo and her children Agustín and Luciana for the construction.

We also thank Lelis Navarrete and the young people from Colegio Atacames, who contributed to the construction of the houses.

This is how CAEMBA begins in 2021, with the “Sueños en Bambú” campaign, ready to meet this year with our goal of eradicating precarious housing in Ecuador.

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