“Paz y Desarrollo” complements the work of Caemba

On January 19, 2021, Caemba worked intensively in the Las Cañitas sector, in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood, in Atacames. Two houses were built thanks to funding from the Cáseres City Council, in Catalonia, Spain. The management was carried out by the organization Paz y Desarrollo, our permanent ally that contributes to the integral work that we carry out in Esmeraldas, key in the transformative change and multiplier of well-being that we generate in this and other communities.

The beneficiaries of the houses were the families of Susana Lara and Karina García. Paz y Desarrollo works in this neighborhood in the construction of capacities around leadership, self-esteem and prevention of gender violence. This is a great complement to achieve transformation of marginalized neighborhoods that are in a situation of extreme poverty.


The objective is that the neighborhoods in which we work undergo a comprehensive transformation, so that the inhabitants have their Caemba house and also training alternatives to build capacity and undertake, in order to have sustainable livelihoods.

This alliance between Paz y Desarrollo, Caemba and the Cáseres City Council is a good example of how we share knowledge, through complementarity and the generation of transformative changes in a successful way.

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